About Us

www.digital-senders.com and Chrosmack Ventures, Inc

www.digital-senders.com is part of Chrosmack Ventures, Inc; a company founded in 2001 to sell used and refurbished electronics. As part of that business model, we came across a lot of digital senders in various states of repair. Always wanting to market our products in the best possible condition and with a warranty, we developed the skills to fix and repair digital senders. First, we started with the old 9100C units, and applied these skills to each sequential HP product, next the digital sender 9200C and then the digital sender 9250C.

Products and Services We Offer

We want you the customer to consider us your one-stop-shop for your digital sender needs. In our store, you will find digital senders and parts to repair them.  In addition to simply selling products, we repair digital-senders if your unit is not working and you would like to repair it. We also buy digital senders. If you just have one digital send or or your company is upgrading and would like to get rid of all of its existing digital senders in one transaction, including non-functional units, please contact us. Small or big, we can make you an offer.

If you have any questions, please use our contact us form or give us a call at 1-888-711-1201.