Digital Senders

You can buy a digital sender a lot of place. But with, you get more than a machine. If you need it, you get consultation on which machine — the HP 9100c, the HP 9200c or the HP 9250c — best fits your needs, recommendations on how to maximize your use of this scanning document management system, and service for that scanner sender.  Plus the assurance that you are dealing with a reputable, experienced vendor.


How can a digital sender can help your business?

You may be asking yourself, “What do I want with a digital sender?”  Well, you may have print information that you want to send, save, or search by converting paper to digital, or all three. How does saving time and money doing that with a quality HP scanner sender from Digital Senders, a quality customer- and service-oriented company, sound to you?  Consider this, sending; do you have paper-based information that you want to communicate electronically to someone else?

These days, the paper-based information could be a brochure, a drawing, a paper document with no electronic file backup.  That someone could be a friend, a colleague in your company or a customer across the country or around the world. They want the info, and they want it fast.  The way to do that is to convert paper print to digital.

The new world of business is moving away from hard copy, paper documents to digital documents.  Does your business need to be part of the new world?

The Internet has changed business.  Today any business, no matter how small, can have a global presence.  But increased accessibility to customers also increases competition — in businesses of all sizes.  And while everyone wants to do as much business as possible, they also want to do it as cost-effectively as possible.

To do business in this new world, consider a document scanner that’s also a digital sender.  Such a scanning document management system can lower the cost of your marketing and reduce the time between a sales contact and that customer
getting your information.  That allows you to serve more customers!

Previously, you might have sent the information by snail mail or a courier service. Alternatively, you may have faxed this information to another fax machine, page by tedious page. You even might have scanned it on a flatbed scanner attached to a PC and sent it by email.

Now, you have the option of an all-in-one standalone digital sender, an excellent choice for one-stop document management. It will auto-feed the pages of your document, scan, email or fax the document to your client. Alternatively, you can send them to the multifunctional peripheral of your choice or a printer.

Saving Documents
Do you have paper-based information that you would like to archive electronically? This standalone digital sender will send your scanned documents to a LAN or network so all users can access them.  Your paper workflow and document management processes will be more efficient and cost-effective.

Searching Documents
Do you have paper-based information that you would like to search as text or edit? The digital sender can also function as a pdf converter.  After scanning, you can convert your document via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) into files like pdfs that can be organized into fields of data, searched, or edited.  You will need third party software like Adobe Acrobat to work with pdf files

Advantages of a Digital Sender
Here’s what happens when you use a digital sender to integrate paper-based information into collaboration and document management systems so you can Send, Save and Search.  Overall, your costs will go down and your
productivity will go up.  Result?  Your competitiveness and profitability increase!