Why Purchase a Digital Sender?

With new technological products that boast of being able to revolutionize the workplace being introduced onto the market every single day, it can be difficult to know which ones actually do as they promise. They are all supposed to make life easier and cut costs but there are no guarantees that they will work in your office. Well, that applies to the majority of gadgets but not the digital sender. The digital sender is one tool that every office needs if they want to save money, increase efficiency and improve productivity. In fact, there are so many reasons why you should purchase a digital sender that it is difficult to know where to start.

The digital sender is suitable for all types and sizes of business, from the sole trader right through to the large enterprise, as a result of the function it performs. It literally helps you to manage documents by creating digital copies of paper brochures, contracts, documents and anything else you may need. This effectively means that you are able to store the documents digitally, retrieving them whenever necessary and sharing them via email or fax as and when you like. The digital sender is incredibly quick to use and maintains the high quality of the documents so you need never be unable to find them or pass them on ever again.

So what functions can the digital sender perform that justify purchasing it? Well, it can help you to communicate with existing clients, send email marketing materials and sales brochures to potential clients and reduce the amount of paper waste that your office has on a daily basis. Furthermore, this will actually enhance your professional image whilst saving you money. Why spend a fortune paying a professional printer to create sales brochures when you can do it yourself and store a copy to send out as and when you need to for the price of an email?

As the documents you scan onto the digital sender are converted into PDF and TIFF formats, all documents will be of the highest quality and will project that same high level impression onto clients. PDF sales brochures and marketing materials are commonly used in business to make sure that all details and images are crystal clear and now you can capitalize on that and send the information directly to email from the digital sender.

Digital senders are, as a rule, incredibly easy to use, easy to install and easy to manage so they are an asset to your office rather than a technological nightmare that needs an engineer every week and requires a degree to use. The control panels are transparent and the way in which it works is completely secure so you can have peace of mind that no data will be lost.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to purchase the digital sender and very few excuses to justify failing to do so. It will pay for itself within a short period of time in terms of the cash it will save you. It will also help to maintain excellent document storage systems without the need for paper copies. Most of all though, it can enhance your business profitability and productivity as well as facilitating essential marketing campaigns so there is no reason not to invest in a digital sender. It makes complete business sense.

Which Digital Sender Model is Right for My Situation?

When it comes to purchasing office solutions to fulfill given workplace needs, it is true that one size does not fit all. In fact, one office workplace can have very different needs to another of a similar size and purpose. As a result, it is essential to weigh up the requirements and specifications of an individual workplace before investing in new equipment. One of the technological solutions that have become incredibly popular in recent months is the digital sender and, in keeping with the nature of office solutions, there is a range of models available, but just which one will suit your situation?

The size of your business is incredibly important when it comes to choosing the digital sender model that is right for you. They all vary in terms of the scanning speed that they offer, meaning that some scan documents in both color and grayscale for quicker than others. If you work in a small office then speed may not be of the essence but if you work in a large enterprise then it is likely that your needs are going to be a little more pressing. As such, you have to choose a digital sender that has the capability that you want and need. This also applies to the features included because some of the larger digital scanners are more complex and incorporate functions that small businesses will not necessarily use. Why pay for them when you do not have to?

The volume of documents that you will need to scan, store and retrieve also needs to be taken into account. Each digital scanner model has a memory that can hold a certain number of documents and level of data. Different businesses will require different memories based on the amount of data they need to process and use. If your business is document intensive then it stands to reason that you will need a greater ability to store data than one that is not. You must also take this need into account.

The existing equipment you have in your office also needs to be taken into account because there are subtle differences in digital sender models that will affect your ability to use them. For example, you have to make sure that you have the connectivity capabilities, system requirements and system compatibility in place to ensure that you can incorporate your digital sender into your existing network. If you choose the wrong model then it could cost money to upgrade your systems to incorporate it so this is another important consideration.

In short, you should assess your business to see what you want and need out of a digital sender before you begin to look for one to fulfill those needs. There are numerous models available so there is bound to be one to suit your requirements and specifications out there providing that you know what they are. Considering your needs will only take a few moments but it is worth the effort so think about the factors noted above and read the specs of different digital sender models before making your purchase.

Save Money and Time with a Digital Sender

No matter how well any given business is doing these days, improving efficiency is always a key aim. In real terms, certain practices and policies can make all the difference between going over budget and spending too much time performing manual tasks that do not enhance profitability. However, the use certain technological innovations has recently begun to have a major impact on the time and money wasted in offices all over the world and one such technology is the introduction of the digital sender. This article will look at exactly what a digital sender is and how you can benefit from it by increasing productivity, profitability and efficiency.

A digital sender can save you money in a number of ways. Firstly, it can save you a significant amount of money in terms of printed materials. In the past, all businesses would have to hire a printer to do a run of sales brochures and other such marketing materials. If you anticipate demand will be higher than it is then you may have wasted hundreds on printing brochures that you will not use. If you underestimate demand then you have nothing to send your customers. With a digital sender, you only need to have one copy of a brochure or flyer on file and you can then send it out quickly and easily as and when necessary. You can also edit it if prices change for whatever reason. Think of all the printing money this will save in addition to how much transmitting data securely will save over and above mailing materials.

With all of the above in mind, it may come as no surprise to find that a digital sender can save you an awful lot of time in a number of ways as well. For example, have you ever spent an hour or more searching through file after file after file trying to find that one little piece of paper that is essential for completing a contract with a new client? If you have then you will understand how frustrating it can be as well as how useful a system of document storage and management would be. A digital sender facilitates such document storage so searching through papers would never be required again. A quick digital search would find the document you need in no time.

Finally, the digital sender can also save you time by giving you access to your clients and potential clients almost instantly. It takes the same amount of time to send a document via the digital sender as it does a fax or email so your client will receive it almost instantly. As such, there is no waiting around for the post or for a courier to get the documents there. This can improve efficiency because you can have sales confirmed and contracts completed within less than 24 hours. Every business can appreciate how much time and hassle that saves!

The digital sender can save time and money for every workplace. Depending on the functions you perform on a daily basis and the volume of documents you work with, it could run into weeks of man hours and thousands of whatever currency you work in. Businesses all over the world absolutely need a digital sender so check out your options and you will begin to make savings right away.

The Difference Between Hardware and Software Digital Sender Features

Making any purchase of technological goods can be a confusing process these days. Developments just seem to move on so that they date as quickly as you purchase them and then there is the difference between models in the same product range… Take the digital sender for example. What exactly is the difference between the 9100C, the 9200C and 9250C digital sender models? Each of the digital sender models have subtle differences and this has an impact on which may be the best option for you, but what exactly are those differences? This article will explore them in a little more detail.

The three digital sender models mentioned above do have a lot in common. They all look very similar in that they can be set on a desktop and used via an intuitive and transparent interface. They all have the same sort of facility for searching documents that are stored within their digital memory. They all also have a number of features in common. For example, the 9100C, the 9200C and 9250C digital sender models all have 50 sheet auto document feeders and are compatible with both PCs and Macs. The maximum scan size of each of the models is 8.5” x 14” and the resolution is of the same high quality at 600 x 600 dpi optical. However, there are also fundamental differences in the hardware and software of each of the models.

Taking the 9110C digital sender model first, it is a desktop device that essentially helps to give you a viable document management tool that can be used quickly and easily but the color and grayscale scanning speeds are quite low at 4ppm (pages per minute) and 15ppm respectively. This is in direct contrast to the speeds at which the 9200C and 9250C digital sender models scan. The former is 30ppm for color and 47ppm for grayscale and the latter is 29ppm for color and 55ppm for grayscale. This is a major difference, especially for those companies that will need to scan a larger volume of pages.

There are also major differences between the features on board. The 9100C digital sender has Adobe Acrobat Reader, Admin Utility administrative software and Drivers & Utilities software on board to help you to organize your documents. In addition to those programs, the 9200C has other facilities to help larger businesses, such as barcode reading and form recognition. As such, it is necessary to read the information provided so that you can consider the extent to which the software covers your wants and needs.

The fundamental differences outlined here regarding the 9100C, the 9200C and 9250C digital sender models may be subtle on paper but they are very real in practical terms. They can alter the way in which your processes actually work, making them more efficient and saving a lot of money along the way. To make sure that you do so though, you have to make sure that you choose the right model first and the differences outlined here prove that it is indeed worth taking your time to choose.  

Creating PDF Sales Brochures for Email Marketing

Every business owner and manager is well aware of the fact that a company lives or dies by its profitability and marketing campaigns to increase sales is a huge element of that. In fact, the proper marketing of products and services often makes all the difference between enhancing the profitability of a company and a business failing. As such, a lot of time, effort and thought must go into activities such as creating PDF sales brochures for email marketing purposes… or does it? Did you know that there are ways and means to create professional and impressive sales brochures without spending a fortune on them or wasting time that would be better spent on chasing up leads? A digital sender is a prime example of that.

Digital tools have transformed the way in which various office processes work and one such process is the production of high quality but cost effective sales materials. The digital sender is a valuable tool in this respect because it essentially converts a document or brochure into a digital format that can be sent to clients and potential clients via email.

The conversion of sales brochures into PDF files that are suitable for email marketing by digital senders is actually really simple. Unlike the complex technology that used to be utilized for this purpose, all you have to do is press a few buttons and the sales brochure can be sent instantly to its target. The first step is simply scanning the brochure into a digital sender, which will then automatically convert it into the file type of your choice. Of course, PDF files are high quality and the most suitable for this purpose. Should you choose to, you can then edit the data or print it using the options on the digital sender interface before sending it directly to clients and potential clients. It really is that simple. Although the steps do vary from digital sender to digital sender, a quick read of the instructions will make the creation of PDF sales brochures for email marketing quick and easy.

There are significant benefits attached to this particular form of marketing, all of which are readily accessible if you are using a digital sender. The first is that it saves you an awful lot of money. Sending sales brochures by mail has always been a significant cost element in most business budgets. The printing costs are significant, not to mention the mailing costs, and then there is the risk of printing too many and wasting cash too. By creating PDF sales brochures for email marketing, you can literally send a brochure to everyone on your mailing list instantly without costing you any more money than the price of an email. This will significantly cut down costs.

It should also be noted that PDF files are of an incredibly high quality and, should a potential client choose to print it when it arrives with them, it will look highly professional and create the right impression of your business. The digital sender forwards the brochure instantly so you can literally get it to a client as and when it is requested but does not diminish the quality of the email materials at all.

As you can see, using a digital sender to create PDF sales brochures for email marketing purposes is incredibly easy and has significant benefits for your business. This is an option that every company not only needs to consider but must implement if they are to cut costs without cutting the quality of their marketing strategies sooner rather than later.